Catalyst Acquisition by Data Science

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An Integrated Web-based Visual Platform for Materials Informatics

The platform helps material scientists design new materials with:

  • Sharing of material data and analysis tools,
  • Support for trial-and-error process of data analysis with user-friendly interactive visual interfaces.


Jun Fujima, Yuzuru Tanaka, Itsuki Miyazato, Lauren Takahashi, Keisuke Takahashi
‘Catalyst Acquisition by Data Science (CADS): a web-based catalyst informatics platform for discovering catalysts’
React. Chem. Eng. (2020) 5 (5), 903-911.

Mikael Kuwahara, Jun Fujima, Keisuke Takahashi, Lauren Takahashi
‘Improving scientific image processing accessibility through development of graphical user interfaces for scikit-image’
Journal: Digital Discovery, The Royal Society of Chemistry, (2023 Apr 21).

Data Management

Upload data source for data analysis


Analyze and visualize data sources in the exploratory visual analytics environment


Predict materials properties with stored pre-trained models